During the days from 14 to 20 April  2018 , there was the Erasmus Plus visit  in our school. We hosted the students and teachers from Spain, Italy , the Netherlands and Turkey. The event was organised thanks to the  Erasmus Plus project – ‘Talent or Training’ . All our guests arrived on Saturday. The foreign students spent Sunday with their hosted friends and their families as part of the family day while the teachers could know a little bit about the charms of Cracow – one of the oldest city in Poland.

On Monday morning, all the teachers and students from our school welcomed our dear guests. After that  we showed them our  beautiful town. We visited the regional museum, the St. Mary’s Assumption Parish Church, the main square and  the Ruins of the Castle of  Bishops of Cracow. Than we had lunch at school and in the afternoon we took part in the pottery workshop in the Cultural Center in Iłża, which was supervised by Agnieszka Sygut.

We had a trip to Warsaw on Tuesday. Although the weather wasn’t very good , we spent a lovely day there. We familiarized with the history of the capital city and we took part in a rally fascinating city game organized by the tour guide.

On Wednesday morning, we met at school and watched a movie about the visit in the Netherlands prepared by the teacher from Italy. After that all the students from the project started the rehersals before the main performance. At midday, we had lunch at school prepared by the teachers and parents of our students. The guests had a chance to taste lots of traditional Polish dishes. The truth is that all of them were very delicious.

After lunch there was the time for the main performance. At the beginning, our head teacher Ms Agnieszka Kopeć-Fila welcomed all the invited guests : Mr Leszek Margas,  Mr Józef Skrobisz,  Mr Grzegorz Kopciał,           Mr Krzysztof Kozera, Ms Krystyna Gregorczyk and Ms Beata Bujakowska.    All the students from the project prepared five short  performances. They were about the healthy eating and lifestyle, sport, the Polish tongue twisters, how important English is and the magic show.

During the performance our famous school voices Natalia and Zosia sang the songs in English to help the performers overcome the stress. At the end  of the meeting all the students,  the invited guests and teachers danced a national Polish dance ‘ Polonez’,  which was supervised by our PE teacher Mr Jacek Kucharski. The audience was delighted and amused.

Thursday and Friday  were the time to say ‘goodbye’. But we are sure that it wasn’t our last meeting and we will meet with each other in the future.